MakeItSo is a reseller of web hosting services from As such, Knownhosts’s Terms of Service and Acceptable Usage Policy apply:

Knownhost Terms of Service

Knownhost Acceptable Usage Policy


Please contact MakeItSo for all support enquiries regarding your web hosting service. We will then escalate this to Knownhost if we cannot resolve your issue. All attempts to respond to your support enquiries within twenty four hours will be made.

Please note that there may be a cost associated with support, depending on the nature of the issue. Generally speaking, we will endeavour to fix any bugs or technical issues caused by us free of charge. Any other work (such as enhancements, software upgrades, or bugs/technical issues caused by third party vendor software upgrades) will need to be charged at our standard hourly rate of NZ$50 per hour. If any costs are to be incurred, permission to perform the work will be sought from you first before any work is undertaken. An estimate for the work will also be supplied to you before work is undertaken.

MakeItSo will also generate a daily backup of your web hosting account, however there may be a small cost associated with restoring your backed-up data (typically NZ$50).

Service Level Agreement

Please refer to Knownhost’s SLA for more information: