There is always a special relationship between how a website looks and how it works. This is a relationship that we think deeply about and craft for you, so that for your audience, their visit is a memorable and useful one.

Our process

  • Make contact
  • Scope out your project and budget
  • Find out all about your audience
  • Find out all about your product and/or services
  • Understand your brand
  • Design your user experience and content (we call this Information Architecture)
  • Design your website interface
  • Build your website
  • Test your website (disclaimer: no crash dummies get hurt in the process)
  • Train you to update your website (if you need it)
  • Get you online!
  • Support you

A bit about the technology

Content Management System (CMS)

We recommend either WordPress, or Silverstripe as your CMS of choice. When we build you a new site, it will come with a manual customised to your site. Training can also be included for your staff.

Hosting/server stuff

If you want us to host your site, we can make it so. We are a reseller of website hosting services from Knownhost (based in the US). Please note that as MakeItSo is a reseller, you will need to abide by the Terms of Service from Knownhost, as follows:

If you require web hosting in New Zealand instead (for data storage reasons), we recommend

Social media, channels & SEO

  • Need help getting your ideas onto other channels like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc?
  • Need better analytics to determine which of your products is selling where?
  • Got a campaign and not sure where to deliver it?
  • We can help you sort out your social media strategy, implement it and make it work better for you and reach your customers.


Have an existing site but just need some support? Yes we can help you with that too. Contact us to discuss your support requirements.